April News

“The whole idea of music from the beginning of time, was for people to be happy.” -Robert Plant

Greetings and happy spring!

The blossoms are blooming and the music is a flowin. Here’s what we wanna share with you this month:

I. Upcoming shows
II. Recording Session
III. Frequency fun

I. Up next is a special one. Students Rock Foundation Benefit atFreight and Salvage in Berkeley:

Featuring Kevin Beadles Band, Steve Seskin, Under the Radar opens. Ian Franklin & Infinite Frequency will be performing in the lobby starting at 7PM on Thursday April 24th . We’re totally honored to be sharing the stage with Steve Seskin at the upcoming Students Rock Foundation benefit. Steve’s been nominated for a Grammy and written seven #1 songs. For more info click here.

II. There was talk in the last newsletter about a live recording concert. But we are gonna switch up the game, and head into Tiny Telephone Studio in SF this May to professionally record the new IF sound. Live is always cool, but it’s clear that the new material is begging for this setting and work. We will keep you posted when these spanking new tracks will be available for your listening pleasure.

III. Sit back and enjoy these videos of excellent experiments observing sound waves through water. Frequencies are all around…

Amazing water & sound experiment #2

Sound, bass, water, sound devastates water

May you surround yourself with the music that makes you happy!
Until soon,