2nd CD Review in Belgium!

music in belgiumBreaking Grounds 2nd Review in Belgium.  They like it in Europe!  Thanks Music In Belgium for taking the time to listen and share.

“…..He reserves his best times for a little later, when it comes to a fantastic psychedelic guitar solo on “Light above” , mid-album. From that moment, Ian Franklin and his team to distill the picky little pieces of sugar quite tasty. “Baby I got your fix” is funky and muscular, “Lie is a lie” is a beautiful ballad to folk the tightly structured drama, “Lucky Star” is breathtaking with new interventions guitar great, “Step by step” immerses us in a comforting and carefree reggae final “Back to Love” is a sort of farewell to arms while languor , enough to complete the journey completely refreshed. Ian Franklin here makes one of these albums in the classical style and timeless which is fascinating to listen with pleasure. “Breaking grounds” is not distinguished by a particular style, but by intrinsic musical qualities make this album perfect.” – Fran├žois Becquart, Music in Belgium

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