Breaking Grounds Germany Review!

Rockit Times Germany Review!

Schlack Yes, I was lucky to have been listening to this disc. “San Francisco, CA – Singer / Songwriter”is because, quite simply, on the promotional list. Not necessarily what I prefer on a sunny afternoon with a smoking charcoal. But Ian Franklin’s debut album “Breaking Grounds” was one of my ‘favorite Promoters’ sent, who had until then no Lusche in the portfolio. So purely in the player and … because of singer / songwriter …

About a year ago there was the EP “Step By Step” and if I get this, there is found to approximate that which is heard on “Breaking Grounds,” I have been waiting on pins and needles. Ian has been doing this a few years Music has, at the Berklee College of Music, a Bachelor in Music Therapy and Songwriting (hence probably the drawer singer / songwriter). He founded the Boston jazz-funk-rock band Infinite Frequency) and the result is rotated just next to my grill.

Singer / songwriter – it’s Singer / Songwriter Jam Rock? Yes, there is. Is it psychedelic brass (and I mean no gay Pink Floyd fans)? Yes, there is. With me just go through the horse, I’m so fascinated by the music. The voice is a bit strange at first. Especially in the very successful “Better Days”. A piece that others would probably be catapulted into the charts. But quite as high as he sings no more in a row. Well are there now and then but this hammer-tune effects. At least then, if it is ‘normal approaching’. Is it not so often, because “in the true Bay Area spirit, there is no shying away from letting loose and jamming.” Hell yes, it is.

It is jazzy, with vetrackt fan like the blessed Blood Sweat & Tears . Rhythmic Gitarrengeschlage to relax and finish the medicine. Music therapy has studied the man,. Summa cum laude
The title track is a feel-good monster. Trumpet and trombone share more as accents. As once the atmospheric mood of the giants of the Temptations . Along with a short guitar solo sweeps through my charcoals that kindle the flames. A track is compound “Light Above”, including dazugehörendem “Intro”. Groovy, jazzy and with an ease that one would like to levitate. To keep up even this intricate psychedelic elements catchment. Should I put a steak on the grill, or better yet give charcoal into the lava lamp? No, it is followed by a jam-run, as it gods would not have done any better.

“Baby I Got Your Fix” is followed with one of the ‘normal’ groove monster. Mix 40% Eddy Money , 40% Bob Welch († 06.07.2012) and 20% of Warren Zevon and you’re close to that track. All the numbers on the album, you can recommend with a clear conscience. Just run the nearly nine-minute “Step By Step (We Will Overcome)”, a quiet part, cello-accompanied with a great and harmonious vocals. Spherical donating to the guitar slowly mutated into the room and the number to draw Jam.Even if Ian Franklin in front of him within a shuffelnden relaxing songs (“Take the Long Way”) shortly hopt hip, which is good.

Jesse, what a style of travel. Singer / songwriter … TZZ, TZZ.
I thought a long while to forgive the typos chart. The album has a tremendous effect on me. But it’s almost too much of a good thing in different directions. “In true Bay Area spirit, there is no shying away from letting loose and jamming.” Yes, let go, completely, and only these are wrong, blower-assisted jazz-rock jam, or at the harmonic Rockpop pieces remain. One is torn. Even without the graphics, I can “Breaking Grounds” but fully recommend. Maybe the debut album of the year.

Ulli Heiser, Rockit Times – Germany

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