In the studio recording a single with the band, “What I’m Gonna Do”, release date TBA…

Dearest Frequencies!  ej-14

It has been way too long since I’ve posted and been in touch.  Life has just been so busy living in the moment being present with my amazing son (almost 3 yrs old) Elijah-Jade!  Here is a picture of the lil guy rocking the drums like a true Jedi! 🙂
In other news, the Infinite Frequency is sounding amazing!  We have welcomed a new guitarist in to the band, Tim McKee, and he is super tasty and an all around great guy.  He fits our chemistry and the vision amazingly well.  We look forward to growing together!  Here is a picture of us before rehearsal last week.  Been a while since we’ve shared a picture of what the current line up looks like, so here you go 🙂


WE JUST TRACKED A NEW SINGLE!!   We got everything done in one 8-hour day!!   It was amazingly efficient, and most importantly, it was so potent.  We are feeling blessed to have gotten so much done in 1 day.  Next up we;re going back in for the mix, and master.  Stay tuned. Aiming for a June release date.  Our new song, WHAT I’M GONNA DO is going to hit hard!!

In love, light and frequency delights ~

Ian Franklin

Thank you Brixx in Petaluma!

Dearest Frequencies,

Thank you all so much for the amazing love and support.  We had a GREAT time performing for all of you at Brixx Pizzeria in Petaluma last night.  As always, the hospitality and amazing food was out of this world, and the crowd so so kind and supportive.  Thanks for loving us and joining us on the journey that is infinite.  Love, Ian Franklin & Infinite Frequency.  xoxoxo