Infinite Frequency

Ian Franklin’s band “Infinite Frequency” has featured many great players through the years. Franklin founded the band while back east in Boston attending Berklee College of Music. The jazz-funk and groove-rock collaborative recorded their debut CD, “What If”, with Joe Laquidara former side-man of the band Boston.  They released the CD in May of 2006 and performed throughout the North Eastern United States, taking first place in the Boston Regional Global Battle of the Bands and performed at the National Finals at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA.

Currently, Infinite Frequency Circa 2014 features Eric Strand on drums, Jen Rund on bass, Richard Christner guitar/backing vocals, and Lia “Gold” Miller on backing vocals/percussion.




Eric-Strand-IF-AboutPage-PictEric Strand (Drums/Sounds/Backing Vocals)
Eric Strand is one of the most passionate and dedicated drummers The Frequency has ever known. He is a dear and close friend.  Eric and Ian Franklin first started making music together in various projects back in 2002. More recently Eric began playing with The Frequency in August of 2012. Their chemistry has ripened playing all these years together.  Since age 15, drumming has been Eric’s core focus and passion. His thoughts become transformed into cohesive rhythmic energy, always pushing limits. He thrives on experimentation and new sounds. Born with a gift for timing and amazing dexterity, Eric brings inspiration to his audience, who are captivated by the depth and quality in all he plays. Delving into new technologies in sound creation, attempting to satisfy a never-endind thirst for perfection and diligently chasing the unique buzz of being able to create something new…. Eric Strand drums with experience, insight, inquisitiveness and dedication.

Richard-Christner-IF-AboutPage-PictRichard Christner (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Richard is an incredibly gracious, tasty and talented guitarist, and his presence is calming in The Frequency.  Although, when he lets his guitar loose he is explosive and dynamic. He has become a dear and devoted friend to The Frequency.  Richard Christner hails from Santa Fe, NM where he worked in musical projects and bands ranging from funk to rock to country. Lived and played in the Los Angeles area for 10 years, playing many famous venues like the Troubadour and the Roxy in Hollywood. Moving back to Santa Fe he formed and wrote music for his own original band “Radio” before moving to Northern California. Richard is a passionate guitar player with a strong ear for guitar tone and honing the soundscapes for the music he plays. For Richard, there is nothing more pure than playing music.

Jen-Rund-IF-AboutPage-PictJen Rund (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Jen brings smooth fluidity and groove  to The Frequency and her spirit shines bright. Insatiable  in her exploration of music, Jen has performed and recorded with a wide variety of people and ensembles in both the US and Europe, including: rock, pop, folk, Latin, jazz, R&B, funk, and blues bands, in venues ranging from clubs to festivals.  Her love of the fusion of musical styles and improvisation has found a home in the San Francisco Bay music scene, where she has performed and recorded since 2011.  Deeply influenced by many different experiences, Jen has a style all her own, and brings a passionate joy of playing to all of her musical endeavors. More info and selected recordings at

Lia-Gold-IF-AboutPage-PictLia Gold (Backing Vocals/Percussion)
Lia has a voice that soars with richness and her spirit and tone blend magically with The Frequency.  A born and raised bay area girl, Lia was influenced by many genres and art scenes. She is drawn to anything with real meaning, heart and groove. Finding her way through music has been her greatest journey. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2007, she studied in New York with Jennifer Hamady (Voice Coach extraordinaire). It was with Hamady that she truly began to understand that the voice was the most liberating form of expression she or anyone else possessed. In 2012, she received a certificate in Sound Voice and Music Healing from CIIS in San Francisco, and continues to explore how music is used as a healing modality. Coming together with Ian Franklin and Infinite Frequency in Sept 2013 has been a great joy in her life, and she knows that it will continue to blow her mind (and yours!).

Ian Franklin & Infinite Frequency’s debut full length, “Breaking Grounds”, features a talented cast of Bay Area Musicians. See below.
Ben Bernstein (Formerly of New Monsoon)
Almir Crnovic (Rock Ko Fol)
Josh Atlas
Paul Spina (Formerly of Groundation and Les Calypols Frog Brigade)
John Lazarus (Of Frobeck)
Evan Bautista (Inca Silver and Blisses B)
Adam Theis (Jazz Mafia) on Trombone
Mike Olmos (Jazz Mafia) on Trumpet
Tony Peebles (Jazz Mafia) on Tenor Sax
Mark Growden Tenor Sax
Eric Levy (Garaj Mahal and Night Ranger)
Jordan Feinstein
Sky Nelson
Bryan Horne (Hot Buttered Rum)
Mike Stevens
Guitar/Backing Vocals
Chris Pappada
Backing Vocals
Mayu Kawata

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